11 Ways to Use Flaxseed Crackers

                                                     By Lucy Montague

  1. These rounds were made for dipping! No dip can break them which makes them easy to eat with guacamole, salsa, houmous, chive, tzaiki coleslaw, taramousalata, tahini any dip you like! Especially our smoked paprika crackers with houmous!
  2. Gluten free Mexicano – If you have a gluten free guest and need to rustle up something nice, or fancy a healthy change, try flaxseed rounds with grated cheese, 2 minutes in the oven to melt and top with guacamole, salsa and chive dip! Nachos ala gluten free!
  3. Bored of granola? Try our flaxseed rounds whole or broken up on greek yogurt and fruit for a simple, tasty, healthy and lean breakfast! We also love to put chia seeds on ours
  4. Combine with fruit – having trouble getting in your five a day? Combining different textures with fruit which keeps the palette interested and helps to finish off every bite, its also delicious
  5. Cheeseboard frenzy – Doesn’t have to be at Christmas, cheeseboards should be celebrated all year round, they are perfect for gluten free guests and go smashingly with all types of cheeses, pickle, chutneys and spreads.
  6. Canapes – Perfect pre made canapes for an event, party, gathering, any occasion. The classic being smoked salmon with cream cheese. Or parma ham with mozzarella, or for those veggies try cucumber with tomato and herb salsa. Just place on top and voila!
  7. Lunchbox – A great snack for kids at school instead of crisps, our rounds are more filling, healthier and a great energy boost for midday
  8. Preventing snaccidents! – We have all been guilty of finishing off an entire helping of something which was supposed to last us all week, however since having flaxseed rounds in our lives my snacking game is on point! I will combine them with carrots, cucumber, sweet peppers or even some cheese to stay healthy and consistent, and more importantly portion appropriate!
  9. Croutons are so last year – like some crunch in your salad, then toss them in. Place them on top of your favourite salad. We have combined ours with mozzarella, pesto, salad leaves and pomegranates
  10. A soups friend – These hearty crackers are wonderful with any soup especially thick as you can scoop and enjoy every bite! We love homemade or soups which are low in sugar



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