My Food Journey – Making Small Changes

by Lucy Montague

I have always been a ‘good eater’ which basically means I eat everything and anything, I love food and I had no will power when it came to a diet and indulged in anything when I felt like it, muffin? Sure! Chocolate pudding? Sure! Roast chicken and stuffing triple sandwich? Sure!!! I did also exercise which kept my BMI at a decent figure, but I was always quite proud that I was never a ‘fussy’ eater.

After having treatment for a serious condition I decided to make some changes to my diet and lifestyle. I started by cutting out processed meats…. Bacon, sausages, cured meats, ham, etc. This was because they have a high fat, sugar and sodium content but also because of the connection with possible cancer risks, and as I am more susceptive to this I wanted to decrease my chances as much as I could. This was a challenge, but surprisingly I quickly got over it! I prepare chicken breasts, eat pork and beef and I always make sure the meat is unprocessed (you will be surprised how much of the meat we eat is) I even cut out pigs in blankets at Christmas time, however I did cheat when I went to Italy as the cured meats were to die for (one off treat) forgive me?!

I then also naturally started to cut out white bread and started to eat brown bread, then seeded bread then no bread at all.  I started then to consider gluten free options, I just assumed it would be better but they really do benefit a healthy diet. I found that after eating gluten free bread, I was less tired, less bloated and had more energy. This i realised over some time and I started to get other gluten free options like pizza and snacks.

Increasing my fruit and vegetable intake was my next step and i manage to really enjoy soups and salads now, whereas before it would have been my last resort. My attitude was – I’m on a lunch break, I’ve worked hard, I deserve a big lunch! Now, I know that I deserve a healthy nutritious lunch with beautiful tasty and healthy ingredients!

My health has improved along with my skin and hair, I feel proud that I have made these changes and feel passionate about benefiting your lifestyle and health. Of course I still have a treat, I just ate a chocolate yogurt! But I hope to inspire more people to break away from natural food traditions and embrace small changes which can have a big impact on your health and life.




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